SBS Token Sale

Funded successfully!

We are fundraising to build an SLP-powered sports betting site that will feature BCH, SPICE, HONK, and DROP SLP tokens.

50% of the profits from the platform will be paid out as dividends to SBS token holders on a to-be-decided recurring basis. The amount of tokens you own represent the % you will receive. 50% is reserved for growth and continued development of the platform.

The tokens will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis with price gradually changing as each goal is reached. See the different price tiers below:

Phase 1: 20,000 tokens at $0.25 each

Phase 2: 25,000 tokens at $0.50 each

Phase 3: 25,000 tokens at $1.00 each

Phase 4: 30,000 tokens at $2.50 each

Whitepaper - Development Roadmap - Spreadsheet


tokens sold